Multi Agency Incident Transfer: Approved Schema for YOUR comment

British APCO has been working with the Cabinet Office, Welsh Government and our members from both the emergency services and the commercial sector to work on the problem of exchanging incidents between agency control rooms. We have been working to agree an open, common schema in line with the UK Government’s Open Standards Principles. This schema (which grew out of the Direct Electronic Incident Transfer trial undertaken in Wales) was suggested as a solution to the Cabinet Office Standards Challenge on this issue which can be found on the UK Government’s Standards Hub and has now been approved.

What has been absolutely crucial to this process is understanding the different information requirements from the different emergency services to make sure the right information can be exchanged in the right way. Whilst we have been working with representatives of the emergency services to date we recognise the collective value that the wider community can bring to bear on this effort. For this reason we’re publishing our thinking to encourage comments from other contributors.

We’re also keen to hear the views from those who are more technically minded. We have worked to develop an XML schema to enable this data sharing. We know that there is a real spread of mobilisation and/or Command and Control systems in use across the emergency services that might need to share incident details with each other. As such we also want to hear from those involved in developing and supplying these systems.

The approved schema is published in PDF format.

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Last Updated: 1 August 2016