Andy Rooke

Andy Rooke

British APCO Vice President

Andy is one of the foremost experts worldwide in eCall. He was part of the original eCall concept team in Europe, and project coordinator for the European eCall projects which advised European member states on eCall deployment.

He is currently providing guidance on eCall deployment in Japan, Russia the Middle and Far East.

Andy is also a member of CEN 278 Working Group 15 dealing with the technical standards for eCall.

Andy has a wide experience of intelligent transport systems & services having worked in The Netherlands and Belgium for the past 7 years.

Andy's background is law enforcement as a UK police officer specialising in Roads Policing. He was also a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) for road death. As part of his specialty in telematics and intelligent transport systems Andy was a technical advisor to all UK Police Agencies and Roads Policing agencies across Europe.

He became a Vice President of British APCO in November 2015.