John Anthony

President, John Anthony MBEJohn Anthony MBE

British APCO President

John has over 43 years experience with the London Fire Brigade and is currently the Project Director for ESN Transition, and has recently been the Business Change Lead on the Emergency Service Communications Programme (ESMCP) representing the interests of the Fire Service. Previously he served in an operational capacity as Assistant Commissioner where his responsibilities covered Operational Response which included mobilising and the regional control room, incident command policy, incident communications, operational staff deployment and industrial relations.

He represented the London Fire Brigade throughout the ill fated national Fire Control Project and represented the Chief Fire Officers Association as the Senior User on the national Firelink Project which delivered a digital communication capability to the UK Fire Service.

John was made an MBE in June 2014 for services to the Fire and Rescue Service. He became President in March 2017, taking over from Keith Phillips OBE.