Past Presidents

British APCO has a rich history of volunteer members helping and leading the Association.  In recognition of their service, Past Presidents retain membership for life. 


Past Presidents

1996        John Burnside                          (Ambulance Service)

1997        Alan Henson                             (Fire & Rescue Service)

1998        Claire Wise                                (Emergency Planning)

1999        Graham Curry                           (Ambulance Service)

2000        Susan Parke-Hatton MBE        (Fire & Rescue Service)

2001        Kevin Robson                           (Police Service)

2002        Maurice Worsell                        (Fire & Rescue Service) 

2003        Phillip Kidner                            (Police Service)

2004        David Hilling                             (Fire & Rescue Service)

2005        Andrew Norton                         (Fire & Rescue Service)

2006        Tim O’Connor                           (Police Service)

2007        Ian Readhead OBE QPM          (Police Service) 

2008        Raymond Trotter                      (Ambulance Service)

2009        Olaf Baars                                 (Fire & Rescue Service)

2010        Haydn Newton                          (Ambulance Service)

2011        Alan House                               (Fire & Rescue Service)

2013        Sue Lampard                            (Police Service)

2015        Keith Phillips OBE                   (Fire & Rescue Service)