Lampada Digital Solutions

Lampada supply a suite of applications that support the next generation of front-line responder organisations, known as Intelligent Response.

Our Intelligent Response team ensure control room operators and mobile crews can make speedily informed decisions using our mission critical solutions by enabling different data sources to be processed and presented clearly, when and where they are most needed. Our applications cover the prevention, protection, and risk management requirements of all emergency services.

As well as our easy-to-use software solutions for our partnered fire and rescue services, our Learning & Immersive Experiences team collate online training tools and environments to produce interactive and engaging virtual training material. Lampada has extensive knowledge in the field of learning, and this can be utilised to provide fulfilling and immersive training experiences for your emergency services’ needs.

Furthermore, our latest addition, the Centre for Human Factors (CFH), brings together expertise from the University of Hull through its Psychologists, Researchers, and Associates to offer a range of consultancy and applied research services. With particular expertise in applied research methods, risk management, and occupational stress and fatigue, our CFH team has experience across a range of industries including the emergency services and thus too can cater their practices to your services’ demands’.