Telent is a leading technology company and specialist in the design, build, support and management of the UK’s critical digital infrastructure, drawing on decades of experience in mission critical communications and technology.  With a strong focus on the public sector, key customer areas include emergency services, transport and network providers.  Our expertise, accreditations and knowledge make us a trusted partner for organisations at the forefront of the digital revolution.

We have long standing relationships providing mission critical technology solutions to Police, Fire, Ambulance & Public Safety organisations across the UK & Ireland.  We design, deliver, support and manage a wide range of solutions for emergency services including: Control Rooms, Station End Alerting, ICT Managed Services, Vehicle Connectivity, Cloud Services, Networking Solutions and Radio Systems including Fireground Radio.

Our industry expertise, technology partnerships, accreditations and committed teams make telent the partner of choice for organisations at the forefront of public safety. Telent’s 2400 employees are based across more than 40 operational locations across the UK and Ireland, enabling us to reach any customer within agreed SLAs.

Solutions from Telent for emergency services include:

ICT Managed Services

A flexible catalogue of services for all ICT requirements, provided by specialist service teams dedicated to the blue light sector and designed to complement or supplement inhouse ICT functions. Available as a single service package through to an entire digital transformation project or the management of an organisation’s complete ICT estate.

ESN Transition & Vehicle Connectivity Services

Fitting radios, data terminals and gateway routers into vehicles for all emergency services. This includes experience with the latest electric-powered vehicles and upgrades for ESN.

Control Rooms

Complete range of technology and services for emergency control rooms, including recommending, procuring, integrating and managing a range of systems and software applications.

Cloud Data Centres

UK hosted and supported, private cloud virtual data centre solutions for networking, compute and storage with PSN accreditation.

Networks & IT Security Management

The expertise and vendor certifications to provide network planning, design, deployment and support of LAN, WAN and Wi-Fi networks. Complimented by Cyber Security Services, spanning governance, risk and compliance (GRC), security assessment and IT security solutions.

Unified Communications

From a traditional telephone conversation to a multi-media virtual meeting, Telent’s portfolio of unified communications solutions enable effective collaboration across all locations.

Station End & Resource Alerting

Systems that mobilise fire stations, alerting retained firefighters to respond to an incident and RNLI lifeboat crew to mobilise for a launch.

Fireground Radio

A digital radio solution developed in conjunction with UK Fire & Rescue Services to improve audio quality, ease of use and operation range. This ensures better communication for firefighters during incidents, making their operations safer and more efficient.

Private Radio & Microwave Systems

The design, installation and support across a range of dedicated radio systems for specific user groups.

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News and updates

Telent to support major communications refresh in ambulances across England

Communication upgrades are to be installed in up to 5,000 ambulances across the country.

Telent has been awarded a major contract to upgrade the mobile communications devices in all 11 NHS Ambulance Trusts across England. The contract, which is managed by the NHS Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP), will allow for a more effective and reliable mobilisation communications platform, improving the ability to meet challenging response times for frontline ambulance clinicians during emergencies.

Replacing the existing hardware solution with new and improved future proofed solutions, Telent and the ARP will deliver the Mobile Data Vehicle Solution (MDVS) programme. This will involve the installation and maintenance of advanced radio and data services in an estimated 5,000 ambulances across England, with the option to include Wales. The contract includes ongoing support for the installed hardware solution for an initial period of five years, with the option to extend for a further two years.

Telent’s Operations and Services Director Barry Zielinski said: “Telent is extremely proud to have been chosen to install and maintain advanced communications systems for this vital emergency service and aid their mobilisation times. From our years of experience in delivering large scale emergency service projects, we have the necessary expertise, flexibility, scale and levels of security clearance to work with multiple trusts in locations across England simultaneously and can adapt our approach to each of their individual needs, to ensure a smooth role out and a high level of service.”

Telent brings a wealth of experience to this project from successfully delivering major communications upgrade programmes across the UK’s critical infrastructure networks and fleets of emergency service vehicles. This includes maintaining mobile data terminals for the London Ambulance Service and multiple fire services, plus supporting the voice communications for every fire appliance in the UK through the national FireLink programme.

Telent will install and support specially programmed and ruggedized Windows tablets. In addition to a smart vehicle router, providing a new Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) solution for ambulance vehicles. This will enable the in vehicle communication and capability needed for the National Mobilisation Application (NMA), which will provide a standard platform for control rooms to communicate with ambulances. ARP will have assured migration support during the installation programme, through Telent’s combined knowledge of MDT hardware and their pro-active approach to support, which has increased vehicle availability on similar projects for emergency service vehicle fleets.

“We are delighted to work alongside Telent as we strive to deliver mission-critical communications for NHS Ambulance Trusts across England,” said NHS Ambulance Radio Programme’s Ian Hough, ARP Programme Director. “As a trusted provider of robust, reliable communications and other centralised technology solutions for the emergency services sector, Telent’s collaborative approach and experience ensured it was ideally placed to help us effectively replace the communications equipment within all English ambulances.”

The contract award follows an 18 month procurement process run by ARP. Work to upgrade existing ambulances will begin shortly and all new ambulances will be factory fitted with the communication solution, supported under the contract. Telent’s country wide coverage and flexible resourcing model will be key to ensuring the installation work can be scheduled around the demanding operational requirements of the ambulance trusts. The proven track record of Telent in similar projects was an important consideration for ARP, complemented by membership of the Federation of Communication Services Installer Training and Accreditation Scheme (FITAS) and multiple other accreditations for quality, safety and security.