Electronic Communications Resilience & Response Group (EC-RRG)

Electronic Communications Resilience & Response Group (EC-RRG)

LRF Information Workshop on Resilient Telecommunications

09:30 - 12:00 7th November 2018

St James’ Park, Newcastle

The EC-RRG will meet prior to the opening of registration of the BAPCO Satellite Series on the 7th November.  All attendees of the LRF Information Workshop are invited to attend the Satellite Series event which will take place immediately after (lunch included). There will be no costs for either elements of the day.

The workshop aims to provide an opportunity for the telecoms industry and government to launch a new engagement programme aimed at Category 1 and 2 responders in order to work across the CCA spectrum and build stronger relationships developing a collective response to disruptive challenges.

Content of the LRF workshop will be as follows:

  • EC-RRG Planning and Response Overview: Communications industry and government working together

  • What EC-RRG can offer to the LRF community? - planning and who to contact in an emergency

  • Hazards and Interdependency - including what happens to communications without electricity

We are hoping this event will be one of similar workshops across the country. Although, this one is aimed at the North of England and Scotland, any LRF representative is welcome to attend.

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Responses to telecoms.resilience@culture.gov.uk

Tel: 07708 510365 for any queries.

Places will be limited so please submit your interest by Friday 19th October.