NG999 Roundtable 2022


BAPCO is running an event, on 05 October 2022, in London, focussing on the Next Generation 999 (NG999) plans for the UK – and which we want to use to update, and build upon, the NG999 White Paper published in 2019.  This is an important subject that all too rarely gets the debate and consideration it needs in the Public Safety sector.  

The Aim:

To inform and update attendees on the plans and possibilities for Next Generation 999 – and provide an updated White Paper that will inform our membership and help to engage in debate on future strategies and technologies.


Presentations by key speakers followed by roundtable discussion and debate.


The day will begin with an overall review/reminder of the previous white paper and will include:

  • an update on progress
  • current information
  • recent HMIC review of police - “what can we do better”
  • short table exercise to discuss current problems faced – and how BAPCO (and others) can help


The second half of the day will focus on the future, and will include:

  • supplier presentations and case studies
  • thoughts from BT and 999LC
  • round table session to build on what has been said and agree on what still needs to be done user side to actually achieve Next Gen services


The main points of the day will be summarised in a White Paper that will be shared with attendees, BAPCO members, and the wider emergency services via their respective Chiefs’ Associations.  Through the 999 Liaison Committee, BAPCO will use it to initiate wider debate across the services and within Government on this important subject.


Registration to the event includes refreshments and lunch, access to the full programme and exhibition. All delegates also receive a copy of the printed programme upon arrival.  The event will be helod on 05 October 2022 at the RAG Club in London.

Delegate Prices

British APCO Members attend for FREE. For Non Member pricing, see below:

*Non Member -  Commercial:    £125 + VAT

**Non Member - Public Sector   £50 + VAT

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Data Protection Information

Your event badge may be scanned at the main entrance to the event upon your arrival. This scan of your badge is for analytical and health and safety purposes only and no data is transferred to any other parties.

During the event you will likely visit one or more exhibitors on their stand and allow your badge to be scanned by an exhibitor. The exhibitor will have access to your name and contact information which you provided during this registration process in order for them to follow up post-event.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We have a limited number of sponsorship opportunities available for this event. If you'd like to discuss getting involved, please get in touch.

Contact: Dorothy Inverarity at or call 0191 241 4523