Webinar briefing - Critical data to enhance emergency call response

Webinar briefing - Critical data to enhance emergency call response
Date: Monday 19th, September 2022
Time: 15.30 to 17.00 (UK Time)
Hosted by: Duncan Swan, Chief Operating Officer, British APCO
Presented by: Ed Parkinson, President, Public Sector, RapidSOS
  Jeremy Habberley & Jessica Reed, RapidSOS
  Sam Shepherd, C&C Systems Manager, Avon & Somerset Constabulary
  Ian Holmes, Commercial Sales Manager, Hexagon
  Nick Pailthorpe, Law Enforcement & Public Safety, Uber

Linking real-time data from smart devices, sensors, or alarms, and delivering this data securely to emergency call takers and dispatchers, will help our emergency services get the data they need to not only provide timely and appropriate responses but ultimately save lives.   This briefing session will explore what has been termed the Internet of Lifesaving Things from several different angles, including:

  • How to simplify data delivery into the emergency control centre from a multitude of sources providing a common interface and data set presentation
  • The benefits that real-time data has for emergency control resources in their decision taking – and for responders as they arrive on scene
  • The added value a common interface brings to next generation CAD solutions
  • How mobility service providers can provide an application to safeguard both customer and employee safety – an emergency button alert that provides real-time data to the emergency services

As part of our work looking into Next Generation Emergency Calls – and recognising the significant added value of real-time incident specific data – British APCO is hosting this briefing to share thinking and encourage debate.  We believe that this briefing will be of interest across all elements of our community; from emergency control resources to those determining strategy and user requirements to the business leaders in all our three emergency services.