Intelligent Light-Bar for Emergency Services


LightBar will deliver continuous, consistent bandwidth connectivity anywhere, anytime for mission critical data and services. By seamlessly switching between terrestrial and satellite communication networks, network bonding and meshing, and situational prioritisation of data - ubiquitous connectivity with consistent bandwidth performance will be achieved and ensure access to mission critical data for service providers and users globally.
The emergency services, utilities, logistics and construction markets are undergoing transformation in the way they deliver services, by exploiting digital connectivity and applications, with an increasing requirement to be connected everywhere, which the terrestrial communications market is unable to meet. This LightBar project addresses the connectivity gap, initially for the emergency service market by repositioning UK Light bar manufacturing in the global market.


Satellite Applications Catapult are leading a consortium of partners in the development of a novel architecture for incorporating satellite and terrestrial connectivity solutions into a modular light-bar, compliant with safety regulations (eg NCAP), to support low cost rapid deployment of mobile data connectivity for mobile workforces undergoing digital transformation.
The initial target markets for the product will be delivery of high-availability connectivity services to the Emergency Services (blue-light) vehicles.  It is anticipated that additional markets will include construction, road-transport, utilities sector and roadside recovery vehicle (amber light) sectors.  We hope to work closely with ESN (EE) to provide 4G LTE range-extension and tighter integration into terrestrial network infrastructure for enhanced emergency service provision in future revisions of the product. 


Mick Trosh, Catapult