Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Deploys New Digital Radio Dispatch System

19th Jul 2018

The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard deployed an Omnitronics digital radio dispatch system to help manage the mission-critical rescue communications across 2,512 kilometers of Australian coastline. The system helps increase the agency’s reach to remote locations for reliability, productivity, access and ease of communications for its 2,500 volunteers.

Operators now use a single common microphone across all channels, rather than a desk full of individual ones, and they can monitor 23 VHF and HF channels at once with easy and fast selection. Weather forecasts can now be recorded in advance with the canned voice message sent to vessels periodically across multiple channels.

“The efficiency, reliability and productivity of our rescue mission communications has improved significantly, and our volunteers appreciate the user-friendly interface of the DX-Altus,” said Marcus Grinblatt, vice captain communications Victoria State Council.

To ensure uninterrupted communications at all times and locations, the organization implemented a multilayered network consisting of wired and wireless, as well as 900 MHz links to local repeaters separate from IP/service provider involvement.

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