BT Selects Qualitest for Network Testing, Including ESN

17th Sep 2019

U.K. telecommunications provider BT will work with Qualitest, a software testing and quality assurance company, to support the delivery of carrier’s digital infrastructure backbone, including further development of 5G services. The contract supports further enhancing EE’s Emergency Services Network (ESN) offering.

Qualitest began its partnership with Orange, which merged with T-Mobile to become EE, which was acquired by BT in 2016. The scope of the new project covers testing aspects of BT’s mobile network, supporting more than 30 million connections.

“We are proud of our close relationship with BT, which, through EE has been a cornerstone of our business for two decades,” said Jim Brooks, senior vice president, telecom at Qualitest. “Our team successfully demonstrates Qualitest’s value as a trusted partner, further expanding the remit of our engagement. We are excited to support BT in this next phase of digital growth and help them to continue to deliver the best network and service to ensure that customers are confident that their digital lives are in the safest pair of hands.”

Bridgepoint recently took a majority stake in Qualitest.


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