Cradlepoint and NetMotion team up on mobile working connectivity

24th Jul 2019

Earlier this week, NetMotion and Cradlepoint announced that they have formed a technology alliance relationship to give customers in public safety, transportation, healthcare, utilities and other mobile workforce-oriented industries access to the companies’ complementary and interoperable range of network solutions.

These include Cradlepoint’s cloud-delivered wireless edge networks and Netmotion’s suite of connectivity, analytics and operational intelligence solutions. They state that the combination of Cradlepoint NetCloud and NetMotion Mobility provide an optimised, always-on platform with features that give end users rapid and seamless transitions between available Wi-Fi and cellular networks, along with data compression optimisation; while giving IT teams visibility into network conditions before their organisations’ firewalls, which enables dynamic prioritisation of traffic to enhance business-critical applications. The solutions also allow the identification mobile performance issues, together with the monitoring of application usage trends, along with data consumption and its cost.

The two companies claim that the majority of first responders in North America are already using solutions from one or both of them and that their combined international footprint is rapidly expanding.

“We can’t afford to compromise when it comes to public safety,” said Adrian Hutchinson, superintendent, mobile technology, London Metropolitan Police Service. “That’s why we’ve invested in solutions from Cradlepoint and NetMotion that ensure fast, efficient, reliable and secure communications with our officers at critical times, allowing them to spend more time on the streets helping and protecting the public. We’re changing the game in the way we fight crime and bring offenders to justice, making our community and our officers safer as a result.”

“Perhaps no other mobile workforce is more dependent on fast, resilient and secure wireless connectivity for their productivity and safety than first responders,” said Donna Johnson, vice president of product and solutions marketing at Cradlepoint. “This is the catalyst behind our alliance with NetMotion, the recognised leader in software-based mobile performance and operational intelligence solutions for the public safety market. Together, we are providing integration and interoperability between our network services so that first responders have a mission-critical in-vehicle network they can rely on for fast and reliable application connectivity when they need it most.”

“Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed incredible demand for mobility products that improve the user experience, especially in fields such as public safety and mass transit,” said Christopher Kenessey, NetMotion’s CEO. “Now, with the help of Cradlepoint’s incredibly powerful NetCloud services, NetMotion’s Mobility solution works hand in hand to meet the needs of an exploding mobile worker market. This partnership will enable NetMotion to significantly expand its customer base, particularly in industries where in-vehicle solutions are required.”

Land Mobile and Critical Communications Today have requested more details of how the collaboration between Cradlepoint and NetMotion will work in practice and will update this story once these are available.

Author: Sam Fenwick             



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