Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) update

31st May 2019

DASA Events

Defence and Security Showcase – 26 June, Central London

This will be the first DASA security focused event and offers a real opportunity to bring together the security innovation community. We are inviting a range of HMG Departments and agencies, along with previously funded and new suppliers, and private sector operators responsible for embedding new innovation into their systems and supply chain. If you or colleagues are interested in attending, further information including how to register is available here

Vehicle Checkpoint Screening Conference – 13 June, Bristol

The Vehicle Checkpoint Screening Conference will showcase projects that are looking at new ways to prevent explosives, weapons and other threats hidden in vehicles from accessing the airside of an airport. In addition, attendees will be provided with the opportunity to understand how existing technologies are being adapted to work within the VCP setting. Further details including how to register are here.

Funding opportunities:

Space to Innovate – closes 26 June

This £2.25m competition seeks proposals for novel and innovative solutions that can develop the UK Defence and Security space capabilities; specifically those that are not being matured in the civil space industry. Further details, including how to submit your proposal are here

Future Screening for Aviation and Borders – closes 01 July

This £4.5m competition seeks innovation which can provide step changes to the current capabilities of screening and detection of dangerous, illicit and/or contraband items. Comprising of multiple challenges, the competition addresses different aspects of aviation security and beyond, to explore technologies which can also be used to detect threats at non-aviation related borders. Further details, including how to submit your proposal are here

Open Call for Innovation Cycle 2 – closes 09 July

The Department for Transport has highlighted a number of enduring innovation focus areas, including those relating to communications, where they would be keen to see innovative solutions channelled via the DASA Open Call. The detail of these Innovation Focus Areas is published here, along with details of how to submit your proposal





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