EU Court Finds All 1-1-2 Calls Must Include Caller Location Information

17th Sep 2019

The Court of Justice of the European Union said all calls to 1-1-2 must include caller location information even if they are made from phones without subscriber identify modules (SIMs).

Telecommunications firms must transmit 1-1-2 information enabling the caller to be located free to the authority handling emergency calls.

The court also found that member states have some latitude when laying down the criteria relating to the accuracy and reliability of information on the location of the caller to 1-1-2, but the criteria must determine the position as reliability and accurately as is necessary to enable the emergency services to help the caller.

Finally, an indirect causal link between a breach of EU law attributable to a member state and the damage sustained by an individual must be regarded as sufficient for rendering that member state liable for breach of EU law.

A press release on the judgement is here.


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