Home Office makes progress towards new ESN product and service timeline

8th Aug 2018

According to the site:  It is understood that the timeline, described in its current form as an “ESN Product and Service Evolution”, will be introduced in the last quarter of this year, and will run into 2021.

The initial timeline is understood to foresee the creation of an element currently called ‘ESN Assure’, which is designed to build confidence in the Emergency Services Network. That would run into the second quarter of 2019 and be overlapped by another element also beginning later this year called ‘ESN Connect’, which is intended to offer ‘fast, secure, and reliable connectivity ’ that will ensure users have access to data at the right time. An enhanced version of ESN Connect, dubbed ‘ESN Connect +’, will offer a smartphone enabled experience.

The major timeline moves, starting from the second quarter of next year, will see the creation of three further parts of the timeline, dubbed ‘ESN Direct 1.0’, ‘2.0’ and ‘3.0’ followed by a final element, ‘ESN Prime’.

It is understood that ESN Direct 1.0 will start the journey towards Public Safety Communications on the dedicated 4G ESN; ESN Direct 2.0 covers ‘seamless’ communications between control rooms and field based colleagues on Airwave or ESN;  and ESN Direct 3.0 will introduce new ways of working  with public safety video. ESN Prime, which is anticipated to be rolled out towards the middle/end of 2020 will offer a fully featured public safety communications experience on the dedicated 4G Emergency Services Network.

In all the new timeline is understood to represent ‘continual service improvement’ in delivering an ‘optimal customer experience.’

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