NENA Becomes Member of ETSI

14th Jan 2020

The National Emergency Number Association (NENA) became a member of the European Telecommunications and Standards Institute (ETSI), a European standards organization. 

"NENA's participation in ETSI is a natural outcome of the increasing international adoption of NENA's i3 family of standards for NG 9-1-1 (next-generation 9-1-1), including serving as the basis for the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) NG 1-1-2 requirements and ETSI's EMTEL specifications for emergency calling core services," said NENA Technical Director Brandon Abley. "By participating directly in ETSI standards work, NENA can help to harmonize standards internationally and ensure an ecosystem with a global economy of scale, interoperability across international boundaries, and a high standard of emergency calling standards for the public and emergency services in every nation."


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