Nokia Gets €250 million Loan for 5G Research

6th Dec 2018

Nokia signed a €250 million (US$282.8 million) loan transaction with the Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) to finance research-and-development activities (R&D) related to 5G technology.

The loan, which has an average maturity of about five years after disbursement, will finance Nokia's R&D program focused on 5G activities in Europe through 2020. The investment will especially concentrate on developing new 5G-related end-to-end product offerings for different business areas.

5G technology is the next generation of wireless systems beyond the current 4G standards, providing a substantial increase in network capacity, reducing latency delays and enabling network slicing. Network slicing gives network operators greater ability to differentiate their services to match clients' needs.

Nokia's 5G R&D program also focuses on the implementation of the internet of things (IoT), machine-type communications between the things humans have invented.

“The business opportunities of 5G are numerous, as it will be the first mobile generation designed from the beginning for machine-type communications,” said Henrik Normann, NIB president and CEO. “Nokia's R&D is likely to benefit not just the telecom sector, but also several high-technology operators in our member countries.”


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