Panasonic Laptop Certified for Use on U.K. ESN Network

19th Sep 2019

The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 33 rugged notebook was authorized for use on the U.K. Emergency Services Network (ESN). The laptop is the first Microsoft Windows device to be accredited on the network.

Panasonic said it worked closely with its modem manufacturer and the ESN test team to ensure that existing TOUGHBOOK 33 devices, already in use by the emergency services, can be upgraded at no additional cost.

The Home Office is leading a pan-departmental, cross-government program to deliver the ESN critical communications network, which will eventually replace the current TETRA network used by the emergency services in Great Britain. There are 300,000 frontline emergency service users who will depend on ESN, using handheld devices or operating equipment in 50,000 vehicles, 115 aircraft and 200 control rooms.

The Panasonic device is commonly used as a demountable device to accompany personnel when they leave vehicles. The rugged devices can be used with a range of new technology, including being body worn, viewing images from drones, thermal imaging and 360-degree cameras.

“I am very pleased to see this portable device approved for use on the ESN,” said ESN Program Deputy Director Stephen Whatson. “This marks another milestone in the transition of the emergency services from Airwave to ESN. The fact that existing devices can be upgraded at no extra cost to the users is a major plus and demonstrates the ability to use commercial off-the-shelf devices on ESN.”


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