U.K. Companies Collaborate on Public-Safety IoT

6th Mar 2019

Capita Secure Solutions and Services and Multiple Access Communications (MAC) are collaborating to bring new solutions to the public-safety community based around Capita’s public-safety solution and MAC’s internet of things (IoT) expertise and wireless sensor solutions.

Low-cost, low-power wireless sensor devices from MAC are used to detect a range of different events, which are reported and recorded as incidents within Capita‘s ControlWorks. This allows public-safety organizations to deal with such incidents using their familiar software solutions and operating procedures, rather than a new, dedicated monitoring system, with the associated costs in deployment and training.

"A sensor activation is presented to the control room operator in the same, familiar way that they are presented with any other method of contact, for example a phone call, and with the additional information, such as location, points of contact and sensor history that are provided, this will allow them to decide on the actions to be taken,” said Capita‘s Business Development Manager Duncan Askew. “They will also be able to view the incident in the context of other incidents that may have been reported within the area, for example, an AED removal may be tied in with a call for an ambulance."


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