WEBINAR - The Critical Communications Broadband Roadmap

13th Dec 2018

DATE: 10 January, 2019
TIME: 16:00 CET,
10 a.m. EST

Cost: FREE

There has been much debate and discussion about the introduction of broadband services for critical communications. This webinar presents TCCA's view of the current roadmap to operational use of trusted broadband. It is targeted at organisations looking to transition to broadband networks in support of some or all of their critical communications needs. Steps to introduce broadband services around the world are being taken now — typically first complementing LMR/PMR services and leading to a significant period of time when both operate in parallel. This webinar considers the processes and procedures required to achieve a smooth evolution.

The webinar will specifically offer information on:

  • The road map to operational use of trusted broadband
  • The role of the commercial network operator
  • The standardization process
  • The procurement and operational readiness process

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