Ask The Expert – Connecting Vehicles to ESN

Accessibility to the new UK Emergency Services Network (ESN) has finally arrived.  But transitioning to the new network while ensuring connectivity for the critical systems and applications deployed in Blue Light vehicles can be a daunting prospect.  IT teams will soon need to manage services delivered across both commercial mobile networks and ESN.

Cradlepoint is certified to deploy its NetCloud Service and mobile router solutions across ESN and can also help Blue Light services connect to today’s advanced commercial networks, including Gigabit LTE.  Crucially, this solution is easily adaptable and ready to help Blue Light services take advantage of 5G.

With the UK Emergency Services Network (ESN) now active, it will be replacing current solutions that are reliable for voice, but very limited for data services.  This will ensure the Emergency Services has prioritised access to high-speed 4G data connectivity, even at times of significant network congestion.

The Challenge – Ensuring Critical Connectivity

Robust and reliable connectivity – in vehicles, command centres, and on-scene – is critical for the emergency services.  They need to support a host of digital applications and devices, from 4G enabled tablets to Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) and body worn cameras.  Ensuring guaranteed, always-on mobile connectivity for all of these devices and applications is not an easy task. 

IT teams will soon need to manage service delivery across both commercial networks and the now accessible ESN, ensuring hardware is reliable and resilient in the demanding conditions facing their vehicles.  With vast amounts of data to manage, particularly with high-resolution video, vehicle routers and network management platforms also need to be intelligent – recognising which applications require critical access on the road over those that can wait to update when connected to WiFi back at the station.

Start Your ESN Journey Today

Cradlepoint’s LTE edge solutions can help Blue Light services deliver the robust and reliable connectivity they need to operate effectively in the field.  Cradlepoint is certified and fully authorised to deploy its NetCloud Service and mobile router solutions across the ESN and as the only current 3GPP release 12 router certified for use on the ESN, Cradlepoint’s dedicated solutions ensure vehicles can connect to today’s most advanced commercial networks, including ‘Gigabit speed’ 4G LTE.

With widespread access to 5G on the horizon over the next few years, the natural question for many will be, “Should I wait?”  Working with Cradlepoint means you don’t have to.  With Cradlepoint’s solution, you can take advantage of both ESN and the fastest commercial Gigabit speeds now, while ensuring your investment is 5G ready for the future.  When the time is right for you, Cradlepoint’s solution is easily adaptable and ready to help you take advantage of 5G.

Cradlepoint’s in-vehicle technology is powered by its unique operating system and NetCloud Manager, effectively turning Blue Light vehicles into an IT enterprise-class solution, enabling features like secure WiFi hotspots using the ESN network.  This enables vehicles to live connect personnel and in-vehicle IT equipment to the Internet and vital operational systems.  

The optional dual-modem solution can house multiple SIM cards for both ESN and commercial network connectivity across any of the available networks of your choice.  The NetCloud Service allows seamless roaming between your chosen networks, this minimises the risk of loss of service even in very low coverage areas. 

Security as Standard

The Cradlepoint solution provides security features to enable Emergency Services organisations to combat modern cyber threats.  This includes content filtering, intrusion prevention, intrusion detection plus the ability to restrict devices based on multiple options (white list, black list) plus many other security capabilities.

The Cradlepoint technology has industry leading WiFi-as-WAN capability and can automatically connect vehicles to any pre-authorised WiFi network.  Connect to WiFi when back at base to reduce cellular data charges, or at major incidents to liaise with command and other supporting vehicles. 

NetCloud Manager brings an important benefit of allowing IT Administrators to locate, view, manage and even support every in-vehicle network on the road, providing vital remote IT services even during major incidents in real time.

Cradlepoint’s Commitment to the Emergency Services

For the many Blue Light organisations across the UK, thinking about how to transition the variety of digital services they deliver to ESN can be a daunting prospect, but it is one they must face.  Cradlepoint can help make this transition simpler.

For the last five years we have been working with many emergency services organisations in the UK to help them move towards 4G LTE in anticipation of ESN going live.  Our solutions are already deployed in more than 5,000 Blue Light vehicles across the UK, including with the MET, Hertfordshire and Avon & Somerset Police plus London, West Yorkshire and Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service.

Speak to Cradlepoint today to find out how you can begin your transition to ESN now by contacting Peter Warren, Head of Public Safety EMEA via email at or on 07785 344891.