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Safer radios, safer communities: How can today’s portable radios transform the frontline?

Every six minutes, an emergency button is pressed. And wherever that responder is, the call needs to get through. But what happens when it doesn’t? Responders are left alone in difficult, potentially dangerous situations, with no assistance from colleagues and no information. Their safety and that of the community is compromised.

Often the radio is the weak link. Whether due to poor coverage, inadequate audio performance or a lack of visibility, the device fails to improve personal safety or speed up incident response. Upgrading your TETRA radios provides a solution, transforming the radio into a lifeline on the frontline.

When coverage is poor, a particular problem in buildings and remote areas, responders can’t communicate in the moments that matter. Next generation TETRA radios tackle this issue with up to 100% increase in coverage through Class 3 transmit power, compared to class 4, and improved receiver sensitivity. The result: blackspots are minimised and responders can be further away from a base station and still have coverage. Imagine a police officer dealing with an armed suspect in a store. With enhanced coverage, the call for assistance is successful and nearby officers are deployed instantly to the scene.

Not being able to hear or be heard in an emergency is another common issue. Whether due to excessive background noise or even the wearing position of the radio, it’s essential vital commands get through and responses are received. Latest TETRA radios include higher peak audio power and design features such as a slimport speaker that optimises audio directivity for clear sound in all wearing positions, intelligent microphones and advanced noise suppression to counter the effects of wind and ambient sound. With advanced audio, Emergency Services dealing with a traffic accident on a busy road in windy conditions would still be able to communicate clearly and hear commands.

In an emergency, the challenge for command and control is to locate the nearest, most appropriate resources and put in place a rapid response. But how can they do that effectively if some of their resources are out of range or invisible? TETRA Radios with higher transmit power and receiver sensitivity offer better connectivity. Coupled with location tracking functionality, this helps dispatchers identify and dispatch the most appropriate, available resource to an incident. 

We designed our next generation MTP6650 and ST7500 TETRA portables around safety to improve response times and provide a lifeline on the frontline. These radios offer mission-critical performance when and where it’s needed. The MTP6650 with Class 3 transmit power and accurate location tracking allows you to efficiently guide teams into an emergency, allocating resources based on location and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System). The ST7500 is compact, rugged and fully capable for the frontline with loud and clear audio and easy to use functionality – a radio designed to optimise response and safety.

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