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Coronavirus and BAPCO Events

To all BAPCO members, friends and supporters,

There is no doubt these are the most challenging times we have seen for a generation.  In the past, many in our community will have taken part in pandemic planning exercises and written plans we all hoped would never be used.  They will have discussed Business Continuity Planning and put assets and plans in place they hoped never to use, other than for the occasional building or infrastructure issue.  In a short period of time, it has all become real and gone far beyond the worst fears of many of us and into the worst predictions.

The effect on our world has been massive.  COVID-19 is changing everything about how we live and work; how we look after each other and ourselves; how we socialise and exercise and how we get even the most basic of provisions.  The effects are even more pronounced on a community that prides itself on being all about Public Safety and Security.

The total focus on the battle to defeat this virus, to prevent its spread and to save lives is the most important thing any of us is doing at the moment.  There will come a time when we look towards normality, to meeting each other again, to talking about we did, sharing what happened and as we always do, looking to see what we could do better. 

For a number of years now we have run our popular Satellite Series event at St James’ Park in Newcastle in November.  We are still working towards this event and this timeframe for 2020.  I believe it is more important than ever we take the opportunity to meet, share, learn and to exchange ideas and information.  Just what BAPCO events are all about.  For that reason, as well as the usual popular themes and updates, we intend to have a focus on the learning that comes from dealing with a worldwide pandemic.  BAPCO members will be involved in all areas of the response.  Whilst never forgetting the tragic circumstances of these life changing times, we believe it is our role and our duty to you as members and supporters, to provide a platform to learn and share.  There is also the important social aspect of our events, non more popular than Newcastle.  We hope the worst will be behind us and we can come together and appreciate being able to do so.

I know you will all be working hard and doing whatever is required to get us through this crisis and to support each other.  Thank you for what you are doing and if any of us at BAPCO can help in any way, please ask.

Best regards,

Ian Thompson


30th March 2020


Office and Support Arrangements during Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

With the support of our association managment partners, we have instigated alternative office arrangements for the next few weeks.  We have done this to keep our people safe and to follow HM Government guidelines whilst providing as full a service as possible to our members during these difficult times.

The technical arrangements we have instigated mean that diversions are in place to answer telephone calls and emails.  If you have difficutly contacting the association please use the email

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and let you know if arrangements change.

We appreciate this is a difficult time for all, with many of our members fulfilling key functions to keep us all safe and to keep the country running.  If there is anything BAPCO can do to support you, whatever your type of membership or affiliation, please get in touch.

Thank you and stay safe.


Ian Thompson


24th March 2020