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As I write this we all continue to deal with the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.  It’s difficult to talk about how ‘we’ are all doing this when where you live or work in the UK now affects what you may do, where and with whom.  Whilst we may have hoped the message would become clearer over time, that seems a remote possibility at the moment.  All we know for sure is that we will be dealing with this for some time to come.

How we deal with such matters is an immensely personal experience.  In a sector which is historically notorious for not sharing and ‘just getting on with things’, it’s great to see the growing acknowledgement and acceptance of Mental Health as an issue.  In the recent Mental Health Awareness Week, BAPCO was pleased and proud to open a new section on our website dedicated to this important subject.  I encourage you to help us and your colleagues to grow and develop this area.  Think about the combined experiences of the whole BAPCO community and the good we could do by sharing just some of that and the resources now available.


‚ÄčBAPCO Ambassadors

On that note, so much of what BAPCO does is underpinned and supported by those of you who help us on a voluntary basis.  Your President and his colleagues on the Board of Directors are all volunteers with ‘proper’ jobs.  The same is true for our Executive Members who assist the Board and me as CEO.  As the association’s influence grows and we become involved with more partners and in more activities, we are looking for more volunteers to help us when needed. 

Sometimes we need assistance at a venue, on other occasions we may need somebody with knowledge of a specific subject to help us with a debate or writing a piece for a newsletter. Occasionally we just need another willing pair of hands (virtually or socially distanced of course).

There is no role requirement, no interview and certainly no promotion prospects.  There will be the satisfaction of being involved with like minded people to improve and develop the association as well as the thanks not only of your fellow members but all those who work in, or come to need, the public safety services we support and look to improve.

If you are interested in helping out in some way, please get in touch for a no obligation chat.



When measures to tackle COVID-19 where stepped up across the world and the phrase lockdown entered our daily language, we started regular calls with our colleagues in CC:IPS, the Collaborative Coalition for International Public Safety.  We discuss how the virus and the measures to prevent its spread, are affecting our emergency services and our public safety sectors. 

As you would imagine there are common themes and messages but it’s always interesting to hear a different viewpoint on a common problem, especially when those perspectives are as diverse as the United States, the countries of Europe as well as Australia with New Zealand.  Suffice to say, things are handled differently in different places.

If you have something you think worth sharing about what you, your organisation or company have done in dealing with COVID-19, please let us know.  Information on what our partners are doing is available in the COVID-19 Resources section of the BAPCO website. 


BAPCO Satellite Series – Newcastle 2020

At this time of year we usually start planning in earnest for our very popular event at St James’ Park in November.  Even before lockdown began and events were cancelled and postponed, we had interest from members and supporters who want to be involved this year.

As the event isn’t due to take place until later in the year, we are still planning for it to go ahead.  It will take place on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th November  We will of course be keeping a close eye on Government advice and working with the venue, our suppliers and partners to ensure the safety of all involved.  We appreciate only too well the amount of planning that goes into such events and the many decisions that have to be made months in advance. 


Art of the Possible, Emergency Services Workshop

Before the world changed, we were a planning an event in London with techUK.  We feel their mission to champion the technology sector, to prepare and empower the UK for what comes next and to deliver a better future for people, society, the economy and the planet, fits well with BAPCO’s mission to improve public safety through technology.  Whilst the planned event has been postponed, we will be going ahead with an online workshop on similar themes.

Taking place on Tuesday 23rd June, the event aims to help industry to better understand the challenges facing the blue light services.  The workshop is planned to feature three streams to consider:

  • The time intensive data entry required for recording/ reporting incidents on the ground is acting as a barrier to tech being used to its full potential.
  • Real-time tech solutions to co-ordinate data between agencies and individuals are currently inaccessible.
  • What is needed to move towards an interoperable emergency services.

There will also be an overarching theme of what the future looks like for emergency services in a post COVID-19 world.

Further details of how to take part will be coming very soon but if you would like to highlight a piece of work, an approach or an opinion, please get in touch.  We are always looking for people to help us to stimulate the debate.


BAPCO Annual Review

As with so many organisations, particularly associations, there is a tendency to always be looking forwards, seeing what we are doing next and where the next challenges are.  Quite rightly this is where our energy goes.  Sometimes it’s good to look back though and see what we’ve achieved over the last twelve months.  It’s a great way to learn but also to demonstrate what we do and why.  We have recently written the first BAPCO Annual Review.  It’s going through the final editorial and design changes and will be published soon. 


Webinars and Podcasts

At BAPCO we appreciate not everyone can make every event.  Work, life, travel and many things get in the way, that’s why we make the presentations from BAPCO events available to members afterwards.  We wanted to add to that, to provide more events, more information and more ways for members to be involved.  We have an extensive range of webinars and podcasts planned with an interesting mix of subjects for you.  More information will be available soon.

Thank you for your support of BAPCO, your association and for what you are doing for Public Safety in these difficult times.

27th May 2020