Academic Membership

Academic Membership

Becoming an academic member of British APCO enables you to be part of a growing community of public safety technology and communications professionals dedicated to improving public safety at this crucial time.  As part of our community you can access our network of specialists, users, suppliers and regulators to ensure that you can access vital current information on issues such as ESMCP, MAIT, eCall and much more.

Academic membership is particularly relevant to those studying degrees or researching in fields such as Public Safety & Security, Policing, Policing & Criminal Justice Studies, Police Sciences and Criminology & Police Studies.  However, it is relevant to all degree programmes and research areas with an element of Public Safety or Technology (e.g. Computer Sciences, Sociology, Geography, Psychology etc.).

FREE Membership Benefits Include:

  • Access to all of our events including all sessions and exhibitions. 
  • An online subscription to the BAPCO Journal (hard copies will be held in some university libraries). 
  • Access to your own personalised Member Locker. 
  • Regular Member Newsletters
  • Opportunities to network with and learn from sector leaders and industry professionals. 
  • Publication of accredited academic works as part of BAPCO white paper academic submissions
  • The possibility of internship and placement adverts being made available on BAPCO-Jobs.
  • Potential access to BAPCO members for academic research participants (subject to CEO and Executive Committee approval). Contact Laura ( for more information. 
  • Access vital current information on issues such as ESMCP, MAIT, 999 Apps, eCall and much more.
  • Be part of the leading UK based Association for those who use, develop or work with Public Safety Technology and Communications.

Access to BAPCO members for academic research

There are set request deadlines throughout the year which the applicant needs to consider. Only one request per quarter will be granted and this will be communicated to the BAPCO membership via email and social media.

The BAPCO Executive Committee will make a final selection at each quarter's Exec Meeting.

The request deadlines will be:

  • 31st March
  • 30th June
  • 30th September
  • 31st December

Requests need to be emailed to for the attention of the Membership and Administration Manager, Laura Gibson.

Current projects from our Academic Members

We are currently assisting BAPCO Academic Member, Deborah Bruce of University of the West of Scotland, with participants for her research for her MSc dissertation.  Full details can be viewed HERE.

White Paper Submissions

Publication on the BAPCO website is subject to approval and will be hosted HERE.  We will also promote your submission in the BAPCO Member Newsletter and via our social media platforms.

Ready to join?

Please complete our online registration form available HERE and select the Public Sector (non commercial) option and select Academic as your Sector.  Membership is free and we look forward to welcoming you to our ever evolving and advancing association!

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