Solitude, Suffering and Stress

Solitude, Suffering and Stress

BAPCO's White Paper Series

Public safety communications professionals are routinely exposed to trauma through their day-to-day duties which acutely and cumulatively impacts the mental health and well-being of these professionals. Often, their work causes them to suffer mental health injuries which can lead to a multitude of disorders, such as anxiety, depression, vicarious traumatisation and compassion fatigue, burnout, substance abuse, PTSD, and fatally, suicide.

The industry can no longer turn a blind eye to these impacts. Our profession is experiencing a mental health crisis of global proportions and as part of our commitment to supporting members’ health and well-being, we have published the first in a series of white papers intended to highlight the global pandemic of mental health injuries in public safety communications. We need the industry, civic leaders, and governments to define and implement solutions to this crisis but before we can do so, we need to fully understand the causes.

Published through BAPCO’s Mental Health Hub, the objective is to raise awareness of this salient issue and to work with our sector partners to agree ways in which we can help to alleviate the suffering of our members, colleagues and friends.

Download the White Papers:

‚ÄčThe first in a series of four white papers explains the circumstances which combine to overwhelm colleagues’ mental well-being and hinders their ability to acknowledge their need for help or to reach out when they they do.

02:2020 explains the warning signs that indicate an individual's solitude, suffering and stress.

Our next white paper (The Hidden Costs) will be published in October 2020.