Public Safety Mental Health Project

Starting the conversation
Introducing BAPCO's 3-year Public Safety Mental Health Project

During 19th - 25th October 2020 our sector celebrated the annual International Control Room Week, a whole week dedicated to celebrating emergency and critical control room employees and the vital, often lifesaving work that they do.  BAPCO is a great supporter of this initiative and we are pleased that this fundamental part of the emergency services and our public safety community is finally getting the recognition that it deserves.
On a less positive note, it is becoming increasingly clear that our colleagues working in our control rooms and communication centres are being routinely exposed to trauma through their day-to-day duties which is often accumulating in various mental health injuries.  Little to no research within this segment of our sector has been carried out in the UK but data suggests that over 50% of public safety communications professionals (PSCs) could be subject to a mental health injury or disorder due to the demands of their work.
As part of our commitment to supporting members’ health and wellbeing, BAPCO will embark upon a three year mission to highlight this global pandemic of mental health injuries in public safety communications and to work with our sector partners to agree ways in which we can help to alleviate the suffering of our members, colleagues and friends.
Let’s continue to shine that spotlight on our control room colleagues and be part of meaningful change for individuals, their employers and the public safety sector as a whole.

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More information about how you and/or your organisation can support the project will be made available soon.  In the meantime you can direct any queries or express your interest in the project by emailing our project manager, Laura Gibson.