Embrace Child Victims of Crime

Embrace Child Victims of Crime


  1. About Embrace Child Victims of Crime – our charity partner
  2. Webinar Series - Insights into Children & Families Harmed by Crime

About Embrace Child Victims of Crime – our charity partner

Embrace Child Victims of Crime – our charity partner

Children’s charity Embrace Child Victims of Crime (CVOC) delivers much-needed support to young people right across the UK whose lives have been impacted by serious crime.

British APCO will be supporting Embrace CVOC as our chosen charity, working with them to generate awareness, funding and advocacy, so that even more vulnerable children can receive help.

Ian Thompson, Chief Executive, said: “I am absolutely delighted that British APCO will be supporting the work of Embrace CVOC over the next two years."

"Our network reaches right across the law enforcement and public safety sector and the additional funds raised as a result of our partnership will mean even more children in need will get the help they need.”

About Embrace CVOC

Embrace CVOC is a national charity which currently supports around 2,000 young victims of crime each year to manage crime-based trauma.

Formed by police officers following the terrorist attack in Warrington in 1993 in which two children died, it has since gone on to provide holistic support to more than 20,000 children and their families through a full range of interventions.

Its services include:

Emotional – One-to-one, group, family and specialist therapy, using its national network of specially trained therapists. Counsellors will help the young person come to terms with their experience and find coping mechanisms for dealing with negative emotions. Counselling does not suit all victims and so Embrace offers a range of therapies which can be tailored to meet the victims’ needs including recently introduced Equine Assisted Therapy.

Practical – Assisting children and families on low incomes with financial support for day-to-day needs. This can include buying new school uniform where victims have had to move schools, or new white goods for families who have moved as a result of domestic abuse.

Cheer up – Sometimes children just need to spend quality time with their families. Thanks to our partners, Embrace CVOC can offer young victims theme park tickets, day trips and weekend breaks so they can build happy memories with loved ones. Twice each year, we deliver group trips to Disneyland, Paris, where children and families can make new friends with people who have shared a similar experience.

Embrace CVOC operates in all parts of the UK, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, and responds to referrals from police officers and safeguarding practitioners.

With no central funding, the charity relies on grant-funding and the support of corporate partners and individuals to deliver its services.

It will never turn a child away for help.

BAPCO support

Over the next two years, British APCO will work with Embrace CVOC to generate awareness and funds.

We will do this through:

Promoting awareness of Embrace CVOC’s work among members and partners.

Fund-raising by supporting Embrace’s campaigns and events and our own events and challenges.

Inspiring members of the BAPCO network to create their own fund-raising opportunities for this fantastic cause.

To find out more about Embrace CVOC visit the website at www.embracecvoc.org.uk

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Webinar Series - Insights into Children & Families Harmed by Crime


Embrace launches free-to-watch webinar series


Registrations are now open to participate in a series of ground-breaking seminars in September being organised by Embrace in conjunction with CJS Events under the banner of ‘Insights into Children & Families Harmed by Crime’.

The seminars on 15, 16, 17, 22 & 23 September, include speakers from the National Police Chiefs’ Council and the Association of Police & Crime Commissioners. Baroness Floella Benjamin, ambassador for the charity is part of the opening programme.

Those who register will also hear from young people who have been victims of crime but who have refused to let the experience identify them.

All those who work with children and young people and who wish to learn from the experience of the speaker panel are invited to register.

There is no entry free.  If you wish to make a donation that would be appreciated.

Said CEO Anne Campbell: “We’re very excited about the webinars – each one takes a different perspective or crime and includes case studies that bring the facts and figures alive.

“Meet those who are charged with combating crime and those who are innovating to make our world a safer place, not just for our children but for everyone.  See you there!”


The seminars and their topics are as follows:

1 How can we protect the next generation?  Making sense of the facts, trends and outcome of crime affecting our young people

Our opening webinar scopes the crimes that are damaging the futures of young lives.  If we accept that children are the most vulnerable members of our society, it follows that we must prioritise working together on strategies that keep children safe from crime.  Police and Crime Commissioners hold the budget for services for victims so what are they doing to support children, young people and families?

2 Understanding the social impact of increasing sexual violence and domestic abuse

Sexual violence and domestic abuse are, by far, the most common reason for referral to Embrace.  This webinar looks at these crimes from three different perspectives – from police, from a lawyer and from a survivor.  No holds barred.

3 Tackling the 24.7 online threat to keep young people safe from the hidden dangers of cyber crime

Do you know what the young members in your family are accessing on the internet?  Do you know how easy it is for children to get involved in inappropriate online relationships and fall prey to adult stalkers? It can be a scary world and this webinar doesn’t hold back.

4 Disrupting and diverting gang culture to prevent rising knife crime

A glimpse into a world that few of us, thankfully, ever get close to but one that can wreak havoc with our children.  This webinar includes testimony from a reformed gang member who is now a passionate campaigner to help prevent violent crime and exploitation. 

5 Working in partnership to deliver solutions that work for children and families

Children traumatised by crime can exhibit behaviours that many find difficult to understand.  Self-harming is sometimes coping mechanism.   Counselling is not always the answer – we look at how services are developing to help our young people use their experiences as a path to a brighter future.

For further information and to register please go to www.embracewebinars.org.uk


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2 year charity partnership announced with Embrace Child Victims of Crime

25th Sep 2018

Embrace Child Victims of Crime (CVOC) is pleased to announce a new two year charity partnership with British APCO.

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