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About Realsafe Technologies

Realsafe Technologies is a company focused on developing safety-based technology connected to Emergency Services.  Led by motorcycling co-founders Zoe Farrington and Andrew Richardson, the company’s main product is REALRIDER®.  This is an industry first app for motorcyclists, which detects if the rider has had a crash and notifies the NHS, who can then send an ambulance to the rider’s exact last known location.  Riders’ chances of survival are greatly improved the quicker emergency services can find and treat the patient.

The journey begins

The idea for crash detection began life in 2005 while the duo were filming a ‘crash scene management’ video with paramedics from the Great North Air Ambulance.  Surprised to hear that paramedics regularly struggled to find riders, who’d been thrown from their motorcycles, it would take the introduction of the Smartphone for their journey to accreditation to begin.

In 2011, the team began working closely with paramedics and emergency call centre staff from the North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.  At the time they needed to better understand the requirements from a control room perspective as their CTO Dave Sharpe had identified a range of datasets that a Smartphone could generate following an impact.

Under the guidance of John Rowland, the Trusts Control Room Compliance and Resilience Manager, several months of development and testing of the REALRIDER® app led to an introduction to the team at British APCO.

Getting involved with British APCO

Andrew Richardson, Realsafe Technologies Co-Founder said. “We had started a consultative approach to app development from the word go as we didn’t want to become a burden to the Emergency Service.  We wanted to ensure we followed the appropriate systems and protocols to deliver a solution that could help save lives.  We recognised early on the importance of the creation of a formal accreditation process and getting involved with British APCO gave us a platform to share our development journey with others.”

The team at Realsafe Technologies worked closely with BT’s 999 specialists where they developed the technical framework to plug REALRIDER® crash data directly into 999.

In March 2016, REALRIDER® became the first app in the UK to receive Home Office (via the Department for Culture, Media and Sport) 999-app certification following a UK-wide pilot, which ran in conjunction with the NHS. British APCO was instrumental in driving the certification forward and we were very proud to be the first.

Looking ahead

British APCO 999-accreditation has helped Realsafe Technologies achieve 9-1-1 connectivity in Canada following an integration process that took less than 6 months.  An operational launch of the REALRIDER® app was delivered in April 2017.

999 and 9-1-1 integration ensures REALRIDER® alerts are treated as any other emergency call, following the same systems and protocols.

The technology powering REALRIDER® offers reassurance to riders and family members who are acutely aware of motorcyclists’ vulnerability, especially when riding alone.  The app has big societal benefits.  Getting an immediate alert in the event of an accident and knowing the exact location of the crash site cuts emergency services’ response time by up to 50% in rural and up to 40% in urban areas.

As a result of 9-1-1 integration, the company has been working with the automotive sector in Canada where they are exploring adapting the crash detection technology for those travelling in other vehicles and not just motorcycles.

Accreditation has also opened further opportunities in Malaysia, with a planned go-live date in 2018.

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