TapSOS founder and CEO, Becca Hume says:

"The solution is basically intended for use by anyone who isn't able to ring the emergency services.  That could be because of a physical issue such as being deaf or hard of hearing, or because the person is in a difficult situation where they don't feel that it is safe to speak."

The journey begins

The idea for TapSOS arose after Hume worked with a deaf colleague during one of her first jobs, something which led her to study sign language. 

The app's journey began during Hume's time at the University of Ulster, where she raised £20k through applications and pitches.  From there, Hume has gone from strength to strength and during July 2014, TapSOS regsitered as a company and tested their first prototype. 

In March 2016, they joined Entrepreneurial Sparks and the business hit the ground running.

Getting involved with British APCO

The app came to the attention of British APCO at the 2015 Autumn Event in Newcastle, which Hume had attended on the advice of RealRider CTO, Dave Sharp.  Following this, TapSOS were assessed by our app accreditation panel and were given the go-ahead.  This has now developed into a relationship with Devon and Cornwall Police to ensure all operational needs are met, and that all alerts from TapSOS are treated in the same manner as any 999 call.

Looking ahead

TapSOS have recently received funding from Nominet Trust and TechStartNI and are hopeful for another Northern Ireland investment soon.  In June 2017, they pitched to Virgin Media Business and won £5,000 plus a brunch date with Richard Branson.

They are currently chanelling TapSOS through EISEC (Enhanced Information Service for Emergency Calls), which is BT's data exchange system allowing the call-handler to receive information automatically, that will allow it to work across the UK.

"We believe that we can tranform the emergency services here in the UK with the potential to take this scalable product into Europe and further."

Connect with TapSOS:

Web: www.tapsos.com
Email: info@tapsos.com
Twitter: @Tap_SOS
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