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Police to get Samsung smartphones in £210m deal to connect emergency services.  TheTelegraph 23rd November 2017

The Telegraph on line is reporting that Samsung has won the tender to supply handsets to the emergency services as part of the ESMCP contract.  According to The Telegraph, the contract is worth up to £210m and involves supplying 250,000 handsets described as 'smartphones.'

The Telegraph quotes a Home Office Spokesperson as confirming the deal.

British APCO spoke to communication colleagues within the ESMCP who confirmed the information and the quotes in the piece.

You can read the full article here and the press release from Samsung here.



At British APCO we understand the Emergency Services Mobile Communications Project (ESMCP) is one of the most important changes ever to affect the public safety sector.  The delivery of the Emergency Services Network (ESN) and the migration from the TETRA based Airwave network is a huge technological and logistical challenge. 

The move to the ESN is not just a transition from one voice network to another but a transformation in the way public safety providers work and interact with each other and the public they protect.

British APCO has always supported the move to the 4G LTE technology on which the ESN is based.  We have never shied away from expressing an opinion on the technology, the robustness of the plans, the challenging timescales and many other facets of this major project.  However, we believe the move is the right thing to do and we support the central team in the Home Office in their work to communicate with users of the system. 

We appreciate the world is watching, knowing they will have to make a similar leap at some point.

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