BAPCO Newsletter May 2017

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British APCO Staying Involved

Although proud to be British, BAPCO as an organisation has always realised that the need for public safety and communication knows no boundaries, incidents don’t stop at a line on a map and disasters can happen anywhere at any time. Interoperating and interworking of people and technologies is often the most challenging piece of any project and may only be truly tested when that solution has apparently been successfully rolled out. We also expect and hope that when things go wrong, everybody learns the lessons, not just those unfortunate enough to have been involved directly at the time.

As well as learning from what has happened, BAPCO has always invested in planning and developing for what may happen, particularly with emerging technologies and new ways of working. We have been involved with European projects for several years, covered elsewhere in this newsletter and ...


British APCO holds a number of updates and sessions throughout the year across many topics and initiatives.