Speed Isn't Everything

Not surprisingly there is a lot of interest amongst our members and in the whole Public Safety Community about the availability of 4G network coverage in the UK. As always, you get what you measure, so what do we measure and test?

Open Signal teamed up with Which? to look at mobile ...

B-APCO - Leading from the Front

Is our eWake up Call campaign beginning to ring bells? For those who took the Daily Mail on Monday 26th September you might have noticed a piece on page 31 by the Mail’s Crime correspondent Chris Greenwood, under the headline, ‘Coming soon the clever cars that will call 999 in a crash’. Together with quotes from others the article included a slice from our Ops Manager Ian Thompson’s presentation on eCall at the ESS. B-APCO…..in the papers….. what’s this all about you may well ask?

Due to concerns that the issue of eCall seemed to be on government’s back burner, as President I wrote to those government departments with responsibilities for the 999 system, emergency services and transport, politely expressing our concern and offering B-APCO’s help. Our intention being to drive the issue forward in terms of ensuring that implementation is properly in place by thedates ...


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