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New EU law on cars could save lives but the UK is still running behind.

18 April 2017

Forget having a fridge that can re-order your milk, the first internet-connected thing that will add real value to your life could be your car. A little known EU mandate means that all new car models sold in the EU from April 2018 will have to integrate ‘eCall’ functions. This will make us safer ...

Broadmap Final Stakeholders' Workshop

11 April 2017

Attendees at the workshop were told it's mission accomplished for the EU-funded flagship project taking the first step towards future procurement of interoperable next generation broadband radio communication systems for public safety and security.

BAPCO 2017 The Event & The Association

9 April 2017

The British ACPO Annual Conference & Exhibition, better known as BAPCO2017, was held at the Telford International Centre on 21st and 22nd March. I would normally write something about the event almost straight away, strike while the iron is hot, while the glow of a successful event and the ...

BAPCO 2017

23 March 2017

There is much to do following a very successful event at BAPCO2017. Many people to thank, new initiatives to celebrate and progress, people to contact and ideas to develop.

Online police yet to catch up with commercial websites

17 March 2017

Half the police forces in England, Wales and Scotland now offer online crime reporting but forty don’t yet have an easily found push button to request a call back. Details are revealed in “Police Online”, a study carried out by the specialist newsletter Police Market Report. It discusses the online ...

Interoperability of content-rich emergency calling solutions

10 March 2017

10 March 2017, Sophia-Antipolis – The 2nd edition of “Next Generation 112 (NG112) Emergency Communications Plugtests™ event in Europe” was completed in the premises of ETSI.(European Telecommunications Standards Institute)

EU Project Updates - REDIRNET and SecInCoRe

24 February 2017

Enhancing interoperability, inter-connectivity and inter-communication between systems are seen as key areas for discussion and development in Europe currently. BAPCO has been a part of two EU funded projects working to solve these issues. BAPCO EU Project Manager Paul Hirst updates us on the ...

British APCO Small Business Group Launched

22 February 2017

British APCO is pleased and proud to announce the launch of the BAPCO Small Business Group. The group has been created by BAPCO member Jonathan Hamill and exists to provide a representative voice for commercial members of British APCO who work for the smaller, sometimes less well known but just as ...

eCall Gets Ever Closer

9 February 2017

eCall is about to become a reality everywhere in the European Union. This includes the UK, regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. BAPCO is at the forefront of work in the UK to ensure the system works and our members are ready for the changes it will bring. There will be two ...

PSCE White Paper - Smart Borders

7 February 2017

British APCO partner organisation, Public Safety Communications Europe (PSCE) has announced the publication of its latest white paper: "Smart Borders revisited: An assessment of the Commission’s revised Smart Border Proposal by the European Parliament."

Drones in Emergencies Webinar

3 February 2017

A video recording of the recent 'Drones in Emergencies' webinar hosted by EENA and DJI. The content is provided by EENA and includes the Greater Copenhagen Fire Service and Oisin from DroneSAR in Ireland, together with DJI.

British APCO Annual Conference & Exhibition 2017

3 January 2017

Re-focussed. Re-energised. Re-engaged. British APCO returns to the state-of-the-art International Centre, Telford on 21st-22nd March 2017 for our Annual Conference & Exhibition. Join us for an occasion which is already shaping up to be bigger and better than last year's successful event.

Pictures from our Autumn 2016 Event

24 November 2016

A selection of photographs taken at our Autumn Event at St. James' Park, Newcastle are now available on our facebook page. Have a look and maybe leave a comment.

Speed Isn't Everything

9 October 2016

Not surprisingly there is a lot of interest amongst our members and in the whole Public Safety Community about the availability of 4G network coverage in the UK. As always, you get what you measure, so what do we measure and test?

B-APCO - Leading from the Front

27 September 2016

Is our eWake up Call campaign beginning to ring bells? For those who took the Daily Mail on Monday 26th September you might have noticed a piece on page 31 by the Mail’s Crime correspondent Chris Greenwood, under the headline, ‘Coming soon the clever cars that will call 999 in a crash’. Together ...

National Audit Office Report into the ESN Published

15 September 2016

The National Audit Office has published its report on upgrading emergency service communications: the Emergency Services Network. It contains some difficult observations on the risks involved. Interestingly the Home Office has been allowed some additional text after the conclusion.

eCall Event 13th September

14 September 2016

A well planned, well attended and informative day. Nothing but positive feedback received from delegates on this event run by British APCO with fantastic support from Avaya UK.