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British APCO Charity Donations

22 June 2016

All donations now collected and a total of over £2,188 was raised, meaning that we have been able to pass on £729 to each charity: The FireFighters Charity, the Midlands Air Ambulance and the Police Dependants Trust. A huge thank you to everyone who donated during the event dinner at B-APCO 2016. ...

OFCOM - Very low bandwidth leased lines

21 June 2016

From OFCOM: As noted in our final statement, although we have withdrawn regulation from these services, we will be continuing to monitor the migration of users of these services to other platforms and services until they are withdrawn by BT (currently scheduled for March 2020). Should you have any ...

North Yorkshire Police Inaugural Lecture

19 April 2016

Investigating and prosecuting crime across Europe: The case for a collaborative approach based on justice and human rights. Speaker: Sir Keir Starmer, British Politician and Barrister.

Project Absolute

20 October 2015

Project Absolute nears completion with final demonstration in Paris