Launched in June 1993, the British Association of Public Safety Communications Officials, British APCO (previously known as BAPCO) is now acknowledged as the leading UK based Association in the British Isles for all professionals in public safety and civil contingencies communications and information systems.

As a not-for-profit organisation, British APCO is an independent organisation that provides a forum for professionals in the field of public safety and civil contingencies communications and information technology, to exchange information, ideas and experiences. In partnership with industry it maintains regular liaison with suppliers and other commercial bodies, such as consultants, to monitor developments in technology, new techniques and major programmes.

British APCO is currently unique in Europe as the only multi-discipline, multi-level Association for public safety communications and information systems managers, users, maintainers and providers. British APCO is assisting other countries to create equivalent organisations. We are also involved in a number of European projects representing the user perspective.

British APCO members are an important part of a worldwide network of public safety communications and information technology professionals. British APCO is affiliated to APCO Global Alliance which includes sister organisations representing public safety users in the USA, Canada and Australasia.

Individuals' experience, knowledge and expertise combined with that of other members worldwide helps to achieve the goal of excellence and transfer of knowledge in the public safety/civil contingencies services.