Event Sponsors

Event Sponsors

We are proud to have the support of our sponsors as we host a further Satellite Series event this summer focused on the topic of NG999 at the Rag Army and Navy Club, London on Tuesday 11 June 2019.

Main Partner:

Carbyne is a global leader in public safety technology. Our next generation 999 cloud-based call handling platform sits on a global infrastructure and is supported by a powerful ecosystem which delivers advanced IP-enabled communication features, AI-enriched functionality, IoT gateways and state-of-the-art caller solutions. 

Carbyne’s call handling solutions deliver rich, actionable data from any connected device to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) providing call-takers with location to within 32 feet, live video streaming, chat capabilities and much more.

Our agile development processes mean that we are constantly improving our award-winning solutions, helping PSAPs slash time to dispatch by 65%, reduce operational costs and ultimately save lives.


RapidSOS is an emergency technology company that connects millions of connected devices to 999/112 and first responders with life-saving data. By integrating the RapidSOS Clearinghouse into CPE/CAD/mapping software, agencies can securely access smartphone device location and additional data from user profiles, apps, wearables, connected cars and homes.

Capita is the leading supplier of mission-critical operational policing platforms in the UK. Our unique portfolio is proven in live operation to help our clients deliver exceptional public service; delivering proven outcomes with solutions for contact management, incident response, records management, digital evidence management, duties management and business support functions.

telent has long standing relationships providing mission critical technology solutions to Police, Fire, Ambulance & Public Safety organisations across the UK & Ireland. From Control Rooms to ICT Managed Services, plus much more. Our committed teams make telent the partner of choice for organisations at the forefront of public safety.

4net provide mission critical services to Blue Light customers such as SECA, SCAS, WMAS and Lancashire Constabulary. These include highly available contact centre solutions providing 999 and 111 services to the public and back office solutions for agile workers.  To support the increasing use of Drones in 999 situations 4net developed a service that delivers real time video streams/body cam footage to any user in any location.


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