Frequentis Public Safety communication and information solutions leverage more than seventy years of safety-critical communications experience.  When lives are at stake and when each second counts, emergency services must have the best tools at their disposal to adequately respond to such situations. Frequentis has been working with public safety agencies for more than two decades to solve their safety-critical communications challenges.  Building on this expertise, the company is leading the way to help these agencies to evolve their solutions while ensuring they keep their citizens safe. 

Cross-industry expertise gained from voice communications solutions developed for the aviation, public transport, defence and maritime industries set the foundation for supporting multiple customer segments with different requirements.  The Frequentis Public Safety business unit aligns this insight with the individual requirements of its customers.  As communications technology evolves to more open standards and platforms; Frequentis is leading the way through active participation to define and implement these standards in industry organizations such as EENA, NENA, APCO and TCCA.

The Frequentis multimedia integration platform 3020 LifeX, the company´s latest integrated command and control system (ICCS), utilises a service-oriented architecture (SOA), combined with multi-tenancy capabilities, in order to support virtualisation of control centre operations in hosted data centre deployments. Virtualisation is not only about the ability to reduce costs for organisations under constant pressure to do more with less; it is - more importantly - about open standards, the integration of data across multiple systems, the ability to present this data in a consistent format across multiple agencies and – specifically for special events – to scale up or down the user clients on demand. Use of standard web-client technology enables key information to be presented on any mobile device with proper security authorisation, dissolving the physical borders of a control room.

The world is changing; becoming more virtual and integrated through software-driven communications solutions and social media.  During a crisis, the critical data and information needed to make the right decision in such stressful situations must be presented in a highly intuitive, user-friendly interface. All Frequentis products were designed using real-world emergency operations management criteria.