News (April 2018)

U.K. Home Office Releases New RF Test Requirements

20th Apr 2018

The U.K. Home Office released an RF susceptibility test requirement that applies to electrical and electronic equipment where immunity to RF interference is of principal importance. read more..

EE Gains 3.5 GHz Spectrum in U.K. Mobile Services Auction

20th Apr 2018

EE was allocated 3.54 – 3.58 GHz spectrum in the U.K. 4G and 5G airwaves auction, paying an additional £1 million (US$1.4 million) from the assignment stage. EE won the 40 megahertz of 3.4 GHz spectrum at a cost of £302.6 million (US$431.4 million) in the assignment stage. read more..

APD Communications is the first to gain accreditation for next generation Emergency Services Network

13th Apr 2018

Software developed by technology leader APD Communications is the first to be officially certified to support a new state-of-the-art LTE-based communications network for the UK’s emergency services. read more..

ETSI Releases New Standard for Emergency App Interoperability

12th Apr 2018

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) released a new specification that defines the requirements and architecture of pan-European mobile emergency applications (PEMEA). The new specification enables emergency apps interoperability within Europe and beyond. read more..

Home Office Releases Coverage Testing Tender for ESN

12th Apr 2018

The U.K. Home Office released a tender to test coverage of the nationwide Emergency Services Network (ESN), which will be built on EE’s commercial Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. The coverage assurance solution will include application and server services, data collection and access services, development services, training and support services, and additional optional and associated services, the tender said. read more..

BAPCO 2018 Highlights Vlog

11th Apr 2018

Gert Jan R. Wolf was busy as ever at our Annual Conference & Exhibition capturing the highlights of a very busy two days. He has captured it all in a short vlog incorporating interviews with some of the exhibitors and BAPCO CEO Ian Thompson. read more..

A Mobile Future for Emergency Services?

10th Apr 2018

A global shift in the world’s economies, technologies and societies is driving unprecedented change, not just in our personal lives, but also in the critical communications and emergency services sectors. Most prominently is the new Emergency Services Network (ESN). So says the latest blog from Platinum Partner APD Communications. read more..

New white paper released by Motorola Solutions and Reform

6th Apr 2018

Frontline online - Smarter blue light services read more..

Collaboration: Breaking Down Barriers to Efficient & Effective Working

3rd Apr 2018

An invitation from the Emergency Services Collaboration Working Group (ESCWG) to attend this one day conference on Monday April 23rd in London. read more..

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