News (July 2019)

Cradlepoint and NetMotion team up on mobile working connectivity

24th Jul 2019

Earlier this week, NetMotion and Cradlepoint announced that they have formed a technology alliance relationship to give customers in public safety, transportation, healthcare, utilities and other mobile workforce-oriented industries access to the companies’ complementary and interoperable range of network solutions. read more..


18th Jul 2019

Selected to deliver new Strategic Operating Model for newly merged Home Office Digital, Data and Technology department. read more..

U.K. ESN Demonstrates Interworking Between Airwave, LTE Networks

11th Jul 2019

The U.K. Emergency Services Network (ESN) announced it demonstrated the new Interworking functionality between the ESN and Airwave networks with Motorola Solutions. read more..

Public Safety’s Future Involves Networks of Networks

1st Jul 2019

Our most important challenge is the future of critical communications and our public-safety networks. I am not talking about only tomorrow and the network modernizations ongoing in many countries. I am also talking about the future beyond tomorrow. read more..

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