News (June 2018)

Facebook abandons its Project Aquila flying internet plan

29th Jun 2018

Facebook is giving up on its plan to create drones that beam down internet connectivity, the company has confirmed. read more..

Babylon claims its chatbot beats GPs at medical exam

28th Jun 2018

Claims that a chatbot can diagnose medical conditions as accurately as a GP have sparked a row between the software's creators and UK doctors. read more..

The Greater Manchester Loan Fund managed by Maven Capital Partners invests £750,000 in leading safety software business

21st Jun 2018

Award-winning risk and safety management software provider set to become the market leading digital solution for SMEs creating over 70 jobs in Greater Manchester read more..

ESN looking to quickly switch to open standards

18th Jun 2018

Sam Fenwick from Land Mobile magazine and our own BAPCO Journal, reports on the ESMCP update by Richard Hewlett at our recent Satellite Event in Edinburgh. read more..

PSCE to Collaborate with 5GIA on 5G for Public Safety

7th Jun 2018

Public Safety Communication Europe (PSCE) and 5G Infrastructure Association (5GIA), representing the European industry in the 5G-PPP Research Program, signed a cooperation agreement to foster collaboration on 5G development. read more..

SPA issues tender for Police Scotland integrated communications system

7th Jun 2018

The Scottish Police Authority has published a tender under which it plans to procure a £4.6m National Integrated Communication Control System (ICCS) for Police Scotland reports read more..

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