50 Women in the Tech Industry Everyone Should Know

23rd Jun 2020

The tech industry is a sector dominated by men. You’ve probably heard about well-known tech giants like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg, but you might not know about the equally impressive female tech gurus. Research shows that almost 80% of students cannot name a single famous woman working in tech. To solve this problem, we’ve got a list of the top 50 women in the tech industry you should know about!

Despite the contributions made by women to the tech industry, even at tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple — women make up less than 30% of all employees. Although teams of both men and women are responsible for innovative technologies like the smartphone or computer games, women hold a meager 25% of leadership roles available.

In the field of computer science alone, a gender balance isn’t expected until approximately 2100. But why wait 80 years?

This list is just a taste of the female innovators, visionaries, and founders taking tech by storm. They are living proof that with perseverance, anyone — regardless of gender — can succeed in the tech industry.

Quick Guide: 50 Women in the Tech Industry Everyone Should Know

  1. Christine Spiten — Engineer and Co-Founder of Blueye Robotics
  2. Melanie Perkins — CEO and Co-Founder of Canva
  3. Marissa Mayer — IT Executive and Co-Founder of Lumi Labs
  4. Charity Wanjiku — Co-Founder of Strauss Energy Ltd
  5. Pauline van Dongen — Tech Fashion Designer at Pauline van Dongen Studio
  6. Anita Schøll Brede — CEO and Co-Founder of Iris.AI
  7. Patricia Scanlon — CEO and Co-Founder of SoapBox Labs
  8. Helena Samsioe — CEO and Founder of GLOBHE Drones
  9. Tammarrian Rogers — Director of Engineering at Snap Inc.
  10. Tal Rabin — Head of Cryptography Research Group at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center
  11. Maru Nihoniho — Founder and Managing Director of Metia Interactive
  12. Funke Opeke — CEO and Founder of MainOne Cable Company
  13. Neha Narkhede — Co-Founder of Confluent
  14. Katie Moussouris — CEO and Founder of Luta Security
  15. Komal Mangtani — Senior Director and Head of Engineering and Business Intelligence at Uber
  16. Jean Liu — President of Didi Chuxing
  17. Carol Shaw — First Female Game Designer and Programmer
  18. Megan Smith — CEO of shift7, Creator of TechHire
  19. Leanne Kemp — Founder and CEO of Everledger
  20. Christy Wyatt — CEO of Absolute
  21. Marita Cheng — CEO and Founder of Aubot
  22. Susan Wojcicki — CEO of YouTube
  23. Jules Coleman — Co-Founder and Owner of Resi
  24. Jade le Maitre — Technical Director and Co-Founder of Hease Robotics
  25. Karen Dolva — CEO and Co-Founder of No Isolation
  26. Eileen Burbridge — Co-Founder of Passion Capital
  27. Elina Berglund — CEO and Co-Founder of Natural Cycles
  28. Ginni Rometty — Chairman, President and CEO at IBM
  29. Ursula Burns — CEO at VEON, Senior Advisor at Teneo and Non-Executive Director of Diageo
  30. Angela Ahrendts — Senior Vice President at Apple
  31. Meg Whitman — CEO of Quibi, Board Member at Dropbox
  32. Safra Catz — CEO of Oracle Corporation
  33. Anne Wojcicki — CEO and Co-Founder of 23andme
  34. Whitney Wolfe Herd — Founder and CEO of Bumble
  35. Julia Hartz — CEO of Eventbrite
  36. Stacy Brown-Philpot — CEO of TaskRabbit, Board Member at HP Inc. and Nordstrom
  37. Kathryn Parsons — Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Decoded
  38. Sheryl Sandberg — COO of Facebook
  39. Jackie Hunter — CEO of BenevolentBio
  40. Amy Hood — CEO of Microsoft
  41. Hooi Ling Tan — Co-Founder and COO of Grab
  42. Lucy Peng — Co-Founder of Alibaba
  43. Lexi Reese — COO of Gusto
  44. Sara Klemens — COO at Twitch
  45. Francoise Brougher — COO at Pinterest
  46. Lisa Su — CEO of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  47. Brie Code — CEO and Creative Director at TRU LUV
  48. Stephanie Harvey — Ubisoft Game Developer
  49. Belinda Johnson — Former COO at Airbnb
  50. Ruth Porat – CFO and SVP of Alphabet

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