Germany Designates 7layers as eCall Technical Service

10th Sep 2018

The German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) designated 7layers as a technical service for eCall Regulation UN R-144 and EU 2017/79.


Since April 1, the implementation of the automated emergency call technology (eCall) in new car models has become obligatory. According to the new EU regulation, automotive manufacturers are obliged to integrate the new eCall system into all new car models.

In case of an accident eCall makes an automated emergency call to the Europe-wide emergency call center. At the same time all relevant information, such as the position of the vehicle, will automatically be transferred to the next emergency center, which will be able to get in touch with the driver.

Not every eCall system can be assembled by the manufacturer. To be eligible for assembly, newly introduced eCall systems have to provide proof of compliance with the requirements of the 2017/79 EU regulation. eCall systems will have to be tested and certified by a registered technical service in due consideration of these EU regulations.

7layers audit for eCall regulation 2017/79 and UN-R 144 was concluded successfully.

For more than 15 years, 7layers has supported the automotive industry by implementing testing and certifying requirements for smart products with integrated radio components. Since 7 July, 2018 7layers has been an acknowledged technical service (category A and B) for regulation (EU) 2017/79 and UN-R 144.

“Of course, we are very happy about this auditing,” said Angela Spielberg, consultant of 7layers. “As of now we will be able to support our customers with the introduction and technical approval of eCall systems as well. We are particularly proud to be able to provide these services not only in Europe but also for many states worldwide.”


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