Telent, DGS Partner on Critical Asset Monitoring

22nd Nov 2018

Telent Technology Services partnered with Digital Global Systems (DGS), provider of RF perimeter monitoring technology, to provide critical asset protection for authorities.


he DGS CLEARSKY solution leverages patented and advanced analytics to detect and report on abnormal signal activity in real time. This provides early warning of potential threats beyond the range of cameras, indicated by the use of mobile phones and other active devices, for telecommunications, transportation, utilities, public safety, government and defense organizations.

A major component involves automatic RF recognition and classification of drones because of the technology’s ability to identify the signal presence so quickly. By being able to capture and store IQ data, the authorities can use it effectively as evidence for any legal proceedings that may arise. DGS CLEARSKY also manages threats through increased spectrum monitoring and management.

“Critical infrastructure needs to be protected at all costs, and abnormal signal activities are increasingly becoming more and more of a threat to both asset security and public protection,” said Shani Latif, sales director at telent. “DGS CLEARSKY provides superior physical security monitoring at remote sites where incidents may be more likely. Countering a multidrone swarm or mobile intelligence leaks must be prioritized to avoid catastrophic damage.”

The partnership will guard important infrastructure and personnel from safety concerns arising from abnormalities in signal activity from drones, mobile phones and other satellite-enabled devices. By providing long distance location information for both the radio applications and the operator of the intruding system, authorities can detect and report the signal activity in seconds, preventing the user from stealing key information. The system can then target the unique operator and relay this information to the authorities.


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