U.K. ESN Demonstrates Interworking Between Airwave, LTE Networks

11th Jul 2019

The U.K. Emergency Services Network (ESN) announced it demonstrated the new Interworking functionality between the ESN and Airwave networks with Motorola Solutions. 

 The interworking function allows users and control rooms who still operate on Airwave to communicate with users who have moved to ESN, a Long Term Evolution (LTE) network operated by EE. This means that users can migrate at the pace they need to and can be assured of no disruption in their operations, ESN said in a LinkedIn post.

Functionality will initially be available to emergency services as part of the ESN Direct 2 release. Further capabilities will then be built into "Direct 3" in readiness for the fully functional version needed for national transition to ESN Prime.

Separately, an ESN blog post that answered questions on rural coverage in the United Kingdom said improving mobile coverage in rural areas is a priority, and ESN officials are considering all options, including rural roaming, to facilitate rural coverage.

The full blog is here


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