If you come into contact with a British police officer these days, they’re far more likely to reach for a digital device than their traditional notebook. Like many industries, policing has been transformed by a hugely successful shift to mobile data. Samsung has been at the forefront, working with over 40 forces to deploy more than 100,000 smartphones and tablets into frontline hands.

And this is only the start...

Digital Shifts

When mobile policing workflow applications (and the UK has some great examples) remove repetitive administration and paperwork from the working day, forces save 2 hours per officer per shift in efficiency. This is huge for anyone, not least our police who we continually demanded more from. And back office processing teams, who until recently processed paperwork generated from field statements and forms, have been re-tasked to more active roles. The mobile business case has long since become “business critical”. And once devices are out there, their power to transform is almost unlimited; click here to see how police improve efficiency and safety.

Seamlessly Transitioning from Street to Station

Getting officers out into the community is only half the picture; how they work behind the scenes is also changing. The need to save money and improve contact has seen many forces closing down police stations to adopt small, flexible policing hubs in community locations. Here officers want access to all their IT systems, but maintaining remote hot desk PCs costs money and brings security concerns. Now forces have a better option; exploit the power of their mobile devices and provide a desktop experience with DeX. DeX can also replaces traditional in-vehicle computer systems for much lower cost.

See how much your service could save with our DeX calculator.

Merging Mission Critical

Now that access to powerful mobile data and apps is business critical for policing, it’s important to protect forces’ investments in their new systems, skills and devices as we move ahead into major new ways of working like Emergency Services Network (ESN).

ESN will deploy over 250,000 new mobile devices running advanced services from 2020. As the official devices supplier to ESN, Samsung is working with our customers to focus on the outcomes they want whilst understanding the technology roadmap that will help achieve them. Want to talk to our ESN team about this?  Email us at

Sharing is Caring

Smartwatches are no longer just for tracking for steps; they make sharing information and staying connected second nature. Samsung is talking to our customers about how control rooms can monitor officers’ wellbeing to help keep them safe. By tracking activity for high risk tasks, instant alerts can be generated through sudden motion or increased heartrate.

Ask the Experts

Samsung’s mission is to help the public safety sector keep society safe by using innovative technology to communicate and respond more effectively. Talk to us today about how we can help your organisation lead the way.