Our Strategic Objectives

Enhancing Members’ Experience
We will continue to support the development of effective public safety professionals by providing
opportunities for members to exchange information, ideas and experiences, and to develop new skills
and expertise. We will improve existing member services and maximise opportunities to develop and
deliver new offerings that reflect emerging trends and priorities in public safety technology and
communications. Through provision of a diverse range of BAPCO professional tools, resources, events and
development opportunities, our members will become influential promoters of their profession and
proactive in supporting innovation in public safety technology.


Creating Communities of Practice
We will provide mechanisms and resources which enable increased dialogue amongst our members
through communities of sector-specific, cross-sector and cross-agency professional practice. We will
support networks for our members to share ideas, problems, solutions and best practice in public safety
communications and technology. We will diversify the profile of our membership, exposing members to
the expertise, experience and wider networks of colleagues from other backgrounds, adding value to
membership by enhancing the depth of knowledge and breadth of reach within BAPCO, and providing
opportunities to link with other networks and raise the profile of the public safety profession.


Advocating with an Authentic Voice
Recognised as the membership body for professionals in the field of public safety technology, we will
continue to steward influential relationships with relevant agencies and organisations to foster informed
debate on public safety communications issues; and we will provide enhanced opportunities for our
members to engage with and influence key decision-makers at local, national and international levels,
and to share their knowledge, views and expertise with interested parties both internal and external to
the public safety community.


Pioneering Professional Standards
We will continue to support a multi-agency approach to defining and promoting professional standards in
public safety technology and communications, focusing our efforts on developing the sector-wide
initiatives that add value to or enhance the professional experience of our members. We will also work
with our partners to explore ideas for establishing a framework of professional expertise, competencies
and performance measures for individual public safety communications professionals, acknowledging
that public safety technology and communications is a critical, multi-faceted profession that requires
professional recognition.


Ensuring a Sustainable BAPCO
Through transparent and robust governance and business planning, we will ensure the financial and
organisational sustainability required to support all of our strategic priorities. Efficient and effective
governance and organisational management will ensure our members receive value for money and
enhanced services and benefits, and that we cultivate the circumstances to maintain and strengthen